Simply All you need as a Digital Nomad & Remote Worker

Nearby Coworking Spaces

Just fly in, drop your suitcase and know with a peace of mind that there will be a great co work space in the area you stay. Work & Life balance, healthy lifestyle is our core values. Oh and value for money to get you covered what you need for a perfect Nomad Stayz.

Meet Like Minded People

It could be lonely sometimes to live the nomadic life, we hear you as we live it ourselves. When booking our accommodation; it’s easier to meet likeminded digital nomads who understands you. Catch up up with cool people and enjoy your remote working lifestyle.


Digital Nomad Savvy Stayz

The perfect shower, a comfy bed, amazing coffee – these are the basics for every Nomad. We don’t mind tiny places, but we select our accommodation on comfort. Fast internet, great location in new upcoming cool places is what we love.. isn’t it?

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